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Travel Guide to your Holiday to Tunis:
Tunis is the capital of Tunisia. It is Tunisia's largest city, with a population of around 650,000. The greater metropolitan area of Tunis extends to 2,300,000 inhabitants.

Situated on a large Mediterranean Sea gulf (the Gulf of Tunis)and the port of La Goulette (Halq al Wadi), Tunis extends along the coastal plain and the hills that surround it. At the centre of Tunis lies the old medina with its fasinating alleyways and shops where you can haggle and get that holiday bargain. Beyond the City of Tunis lie the suburbs of Carthage, La Marsa, and Sidi Bou Said.

Things to do on Holiday in Tunis:
Whilst on holiday in Tunis, visit the Tunis Medina, a sprawling maze of ancient streets and alleyways is a national treasure. The Medina is home to numerous cave-like souqs selling everything from shoes to shisha pipes, as well as lavishly tiled cafes, back streets full of artisans at work, and residential areas punctuated by grand, brightly painted doorways. Also visit the Bardo Museum, on Tunis's west side

Out and about on your Holiday to Tunis:
Visit Carthage, which once sheltered the mightiest fleet in the Med. It was Hannibal's base for his elephant attack on Italy. Then came Roman payback. They burnt it to the ground in 146 BC and build their own city in its place. Today, it's the middle of a smart Tunis suburb, a short train trip on the Tunis-Marsa line. It is worth visiting the museum and the ruins of the Baths of Antonin, the second largest in the Roman world, and the Roman Theatre.

Tunisian Departure Tax - A departure tax is payable locally when departing Tunisia.

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