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Travel Guide to your Holiday in Portugal:
The charming country of Portugal enjoys idyllic temperatures which makes it perfect for a year round destination. The coastline of the Algarve consists of long stretches of great sandy beaches broken up by extraordinary rugged cliffs and fantastic grottoes which are best explored by boat. The area of Portugal also offers some fantastic golf courses for those looking for Golfing holidays in Portugal.

Whether you prefer relaxing and soaking up the sun on a beach in the Algarve whilst on holiday in Portugal or taking in some culture in the bustling medieval cities of Lisbon or Porto you will not be short of things to do on a holiday in Portugal.

Weather on Holiday in Portugal:
Lisbon the capital City of Portugal is a great place to a holiday in Portugal at any time of the year, with temperatures rarely going below 50ºF, the city is generally mild and sunny (though rain can be expected throughout the year). The summers in Portugal are very hot and in the Algarve can top 86ºF (30ºC).

Out and about on Holiday in Portugal:
Portugal was once thought of as a destination for those looking for nothing more than a beach holiday or perhaps a golf holiday but Portugal has changed over the years and people now realise that whatever sort of holiday you are looking for you can find it in Portugal. Whilst Portugal is famous for it's golf courses, there are also some beautiful beaches, medieval castles and picture perfect villages to enjoy on your holiday.

There is one national park that you may wish to visit on a holiday in Portugal. Peneda-Geres offers 70,000 hectares of dramatic mountain scenery, old stone villages and some amazing opportunities for outdoor activities.

There are a couple of UNESCO World Heritage sites to see on a holiday in Portugal, the first of which is Ribeira which is in Porto. Here there is history lurking round every corner, from it's neo classical Stock Exchange Palace to it's romanesque-gothic Cathedral and there are some amazing views along the waterfront of Cais da Ribeira. The other site in Portugal is in Sintra which is an idyllic town surrounded by wooded hillsides. A must see here is the former summer residence of the Portuguese royal family and the beautiful Monserrate gardens.

There are many other historic sites to see in Portugal and a visit to the capital, Lisbon is a great day out. As well as having some great beaches, Lisbon is an art lover's paradise and has a great number of museums and galleries to explore. Lisbon is also well known for it's architecture and is home to the Ponte Sasco de Gama which is the longest bridge in Europe and the ninth longest bridge in the world. St George's castle is also worth a visit and once you have trekked up the hill you will be greeted with some fantastic views.

Eating out on Holiday in Portugal:
Portuguese cuisine is influenced by the Mediterranean cuisine, full of flavour and colour. A lot of spices are used in the cooking in Portugal including Piri Piri, cinnamon, vanilla, black pepper and saffron. Garlic is widely used as is herbs and olive oil. Fish is a very popular choice of food in Portugal and is found in most restaurants around the country. Portugal is among the top 4 for the highest fish consumption in Europe.

Dining in Portugal ranges from your local cheap cafe and snack bar right up to luxury restaurants serving every kind of cuisine you can think of. Local delicacies will be found in the smaller restaurants in the more residential areas whereas in the tourist areas of Portugal you are more likely to find International menus.

Portugal Holiday Facts:

Flight Time to Portugal: Flight times vary from UK departure points but are usually between 2-3 hours depending on the final destination in Portugal.

Currency: Euro

Nightlife: Restaurants, Bars, Nightclubs and Cafes

Best Time to Visit Portugal: April to October

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